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Vision & Hearing Services Offered:

March 2024

Diabetic Eye Exams & Comprehensive Hearing Testing

Increasing patient and clinical awareness and the vast improving access to health care will encourage people with diabetes to have an annual health evaluation, which will help prevent a more serious complication called retinopathy.

Eye Infections & Foreign Body Removal

There are many different types and causes of infections, some types that even effect different parts of the eye. From the occasional eyelash to a uninvited flying object. Seek a Dr immediately.

Screening for Macular Degeneration

Our Doctors routinely test for defects in your central vision during our comprehensive examination, our Dr may use a test called an Amsler grid to test this vision concern. 

Dry Eye & Tear Film Deficiency

Arizona is known for being a very Dry eye state and here at PerSpectacles we test for the quality and quantity of the tears and or tear film.

Eyeglasses or Lenses Only

PerSpectacles has become a leader in the industry for having some of the finest and hard to fine quality and designer eyewear frames. Our trained staff will Color Drape and Facial Drape any customer that wishes to have the most unique expression of their individual personality while experiencing a fashion experience at our Boutique. 

Contacts (Hard & Soft)  

Our doctors are consistently attending new product symposiums so to provide our patient/customer with the most up to date choices for their contact lens needs. Whether you wear hard to fit hard contacts or daily wear contacts we have over 100,000 trial lenses in stock to evaluate and give to you for FREE use.

Comprehensive Hearing Testing

Our Hearing Specialists will measure your ability to hear sounds that reach the inner ear canal through the ear canal (air -conducted sounds) and sounds transmitted through the skull (bone-conducted sounds). Vision keeps you away from dangerous things and hearing loss separates you from the WORLD!

"Don't let life pass you by, HEAR what you're missing".